Notation based on the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions


販売事業者名 Distributor


代表者氏名 Representative

Yoshiaki Sawabe

##所在地 Address
京都市下京区烏丸通四条下ル 水銀屋町620番地COCON烏丸4階
COCON-Karasuma 4F, 620,Suiginyacho,Shimogyo-ku,Kyoto 600-8411,Japan

お問い合わせ先 Contact Number

Upon the customer's request, the above information will be sent to the customer without delay.

販売する商品 Products for Sale

Paid items in the Application

販売価格 Selling Price

The selling price is shown in the Application.
※The price may change without prior notice due to the Consumption Tax Law and other circumstances.


Related Expenses of Customers Other than the Application Price
コンテンツ購入、ソフトウェアのダウンロード等に必要となるインターネット接続料金、通信料金等はお客様の負担となります。 インターネット接続料金、通信料金は、お客様がご利用のインターネットプロバイダーまたは携帯電話会社にお問い合わせください。
Expenses such as the charges that need to be paid in order to subscribe to the Internet, which is necessary to purchase contents, download the software and other matters, and telecommunication fees will be on the account of the customer.
Please check the Internet subscription charges and telecommunication fees with the Internet provider or telecommunication company that you use.

お支払方法およびお支払時期 Payment Time and Methods

ご利用のアプリプラットフォーム(App StoreまたはGoogle Play)が定める支払方法に基づきます。
The payment time and method will be in accordance with the payment method set by the application platform used by the customer (App Store or Google Play).

提供時期 Period of Provision

The customer may use the Application as soon as payment is completed through the application platform.

提供開始後のキャンセルについて Cancellation After Start of Service

Cancellation, return or replacement is not accepted due to the nature of the Application's digital content.

動作環境 System Requirements

System requirements are shown on the page in the Store where the Application was downloaded.

アプリ抹消後の課金アイテム Purchased Items After Deletion of Application

In the event that the Application is deleted from the terminal where it is used, the Company will not accept refund requests in accordance with the nature of the product.

利用条件(必読) Terms of Use (Must-Read)

For the Terms of Use pertaining to the use of the contents of the Application, please refer to
the Terms of Service that is available on the App Store or Google Play.

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