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Touch command detects touch events in Start tab and outputs following values:

  • Position
  • Radius
  • Force

Touch command supports multi-touch.
The data for each finger (including Apple Pencil) is accessible with the index.
In this document we call this index TOUCH_ID.



  • OSC Address
    • x position: /(deviceUUID)/touch(TOUCH_ID)1,
    • y position: /(deviceUUID)/touch(TOUCH_ID)2
  • JSON key
    • x position: touches[(TOUCH_ID)].x
    • y position: touches[(TOUCH_ID)].y

Position is the relative position of touches from the center of the screen.
The range of values is [-1, -1] to [1, 1].


  • OSC Address: /(deviceUUID)/touchradius(TOUCH_ID)
  • JSON key: touches[(TOUCH_ID)].radius

Radius is the radius of touch event in pixel size.


  • OSC Address: /(deviceUUID)/touchforce(TOUCH_ID)
  • JSON key: touches[(TOUCH_ID)].force

Force is the force of 3D Touch, where a value of 1.0 represents the force of an average touch.

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