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NDI command transmits video and audio captured by the device over NDI protocol.
Unlike other features, NDI does not output any data over TCP/UDP.
Video and audio are transmitted over NDI protocol, so you can receive the data with NDI client apps like NewTek NDI Video Monitor, TouchDesigner, etc.

The framerate follows the message rate in general settings.

NDI command is only available in ZIG SIM Pro.
Also, you cannot use NDI, ARKit and Image Detection simultaneously.


No outputs.

Detail Settings

Image Type

  • CAMERA: send images captured by camera.
  • DEPTH: send depth maps captured by camera.


Toggle camera between REAR and FRONT.

Depth Type

  • DEPTH: capture depth map.
  • DISPARITY: capture disparity map.


Choose the resolution of output images to send from the following:

  • VGA: 640x480
  • HD: 1280x720
  • FHD: 1920x1080


If ON, ZIG SIM will capture the audio from the microphone and send it over NDI protocol.

Audio Latency

Choose the audio latency from LOW, MEDIUM and HIGH.
This setting changes the size of audio buffer used to store the audio data.

In LOW mode the latency of the received audio will be small, but may cause audio glitch.
In HIGH mode the audio will latency gets longer, but the quality will be more stable.


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